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Your Purchase Plants Trees to Heal Our Environment

Every Product Purchase Plants One Tree

Woodify proudly supports


Trees Help Sustain all Life

Trees Filter 50% of Our Water Supply

Healthy forests are essential to our supply of clean water. Their root systems are responsible for filtering 50% of our fresh water.

forest are natural filters

Trees are the Earth's Lungs

They absorb harmful carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we all need to breathe.


forests control our climate

Trees Control our Climate

Forests breathe in carbon dioxide and release enormous amounts of oxygen in a never-ending cycle. Large, healthy forests are a key player in preventing global warming.


How You Can Plant Roots for Tomorrow

Your purchase of a sustainable wood product from Woodify plants a tree to help heal our environment today and provide roots for tomorrow. Utilizing trees for products falls into the natural cycle of life -- keeping harmony through sustainability.  When we commit to selecting resources we can indefinitely grow, we reduce the risk of imbalance in nature that causes destruction and devastation.

What is sustainability?  Sustainability is an enduring system or process.  At Woodify, we are committed to not only supporting the enjoyment of products that are harmonious with nature but give back to nature indefinitely. Think of it this way -- it doesn't take an entire tree to produce one pair of sunglasses or one watch, yet we committed to planting a tree for every product produced.  Why?  Because that's how we are not only going to minimize damage and heal our world today but plant roots for tomorrow.

Why Support Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Tree Program?

The Plant a Billion Tree goal is to plant one billion trees by 2025. It is ambitious, but they only use best scientific practices to ensure the forests they establish or restore are viable ecosystems with extensive, long-term benefits.  Without restored and established forests, climate change continues to reduce forest size, infestation of pests and diseases kill tens of thousands of acres of trees, 50% of the nation's water supply goes unfiltered and 12% of US.S. carbon emissions won't be absorbed, and $14.5 billion generated on Forest Service land would be at risk -- money that goes back to local communities.

Be a part of the healing, be a part of the future.  Support reforestation.