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History of Woodify

Pondering the health of our forests over a cup of tea in a tiny cabin secluded in Seneca State Park, Maryland, we vowed to come up with a way to do our part in the preservation of trees in America. Observing the trees surrounding us, weakened by insects and disease brought on by our rapidly changing climate, we felt the tug to take action. Though we didn't yet know where to begin. 

We are an outdoorsy, often scraggy, bunch who spend their free time kayaking white water, skiing off-piste, climbing peaks, and camping amongst the sounds of wildlife who entertain (and sometimes spook) us.

From Maryland, we traveled to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and then landed for a few months is Montana, exploring nature's playground along the way. The tug continued as we observed the effects of our irresponsible habitation.

Sitting on a cold rainy day (just enough to keep us off the trails) at Cold Smoke Coffeehouse in Bozeman, Montana, the idea for Woodify was born. We saw our market there sitting by a warm wood fireplace, sipping organic fair trade coffee and listening to live indie, kayaks strapped on Subaru’s sitting out in the drenched parking lot. These are people like us who enjoy and care for our environment. People who are responsible shoppers, who choose products that preserve or give back to our land.

So we sketched out a stylish collection of products, made from the land, that gives back to the land -- sustainable.

Here in Montana, where the wildlife roams and the expansive forests give us fresh air, we launched Woodify. A responsible fashion brand that raises awareness and funds to help preserve and replant our forests.

For every sustainable wood item purchased from Woodify, one tree will be planted through our donation to Nature Conservancy's tree planting program.

Utilizing trees for products falls into the natural cycle of life – we are keeping harmony through sustainability.  When we commit to selecting resources we can indefinitely grow, we reduce the risk of imbalance in nature that causes destruction and devastation.

Help us preserve the lands we love, that serves us with clean water and air.  Be part of the solution to preserve today and plant roots for tomorrow.

(Now that I have established some trust, let me tell you the truth. There is one little detail I've left out. Replace the word "we" with the name Gavin. I'm a twelve-year-old social entrepreneur that is working to make an impact on the world one tree at a time.)